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We like nice and wise visitors. By that we mean, don't demand anything. Everything here is free and so we are. We want to keep it like this and stay free! As long as you don't demand something, you are welcome.

More specifically:

  • Everything on this website or its associated sites is offered as is. The same holds true for mails, downloads, products, or other means of communication that you may get from us. Let's call this whole stuff "our contents".
  • No guarantees about accuracy, usefulness, truthfulness, profits, the future, or anything else are made. You are using our contents completely at your own risk.
  • With visiting this website or its associated sites and using our contents you acknowledge that our contents are intended only for entertainment purposes.

In order to keep this page short and legible we have divided things into the following pages. They are part of our terms of use and as such important. Visiting our sites and using our contents means you agree to all of the below:

Please make sure you understand the risks of trading and investing.

Along these lines, here is our disclaimer.

We also have a privacy policy.

And here are some notes on our trademark.


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