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We are talking in this disclaimer about "our contents". By our contents we mean this website and other associated websites, all contents on these sites, and furthermore all contents in mails, downloads, bought products, or other means of communication that are somehow associated to these sites.

Please be advised that our contents could be viewed or used as trading and investment advice despite our will that our contents are only intended to be used for entertaining purposes. Our contents are offered as is. No guarantees about accuracy, usefulness, truthfulness, profits, the future, or anything else are made. You are using this site, the accompanied network, and all of our contents completely at your own risk. With visiting this website or its associated sites and using our contents you acknowledge that our contents are intended only for entertainment purposes:

  • We are no investment advisers and our contents are offering no advices or predictions. This holds true even if you feel that something in our contents sounds like a recommendation to buy or to sell something, or to do anything else. Naturally, for contents related to financial markets, things may sound like a prediction, but also in these cases our contents are purely for entertaining purposes. In no case our contents are intended for making buying, selling, trading, or investing decisions, even if you feel it sounds otherwise.
  • All risks associated with your trading and investing are yours! In other words, you and only you are responsible for your market activities. We cannot take any liabilities for what you do that could be connected with our contents in any way. Please understand what we and others think about risks of trading and investing.
  • We reserve at all times the right to trade into and out of positions that could be associated with our contents in any way. More specifically, and to avoid any misunderstandings, our contents could be seen as a front-running, stock promoting, or any other market manipulating operation. Authorities could also find that our contents could not only be seen as, but are one of the above. No such interpretation by you of, or finding by any authority on our contents allows you to claim anything or hold us liable for anything.
  • This is a money making operation and our contents work with advertising, promoting affiliate products, and other commercial activities. You understand that we do this to earn a compensation from these activities.

Either you have to accept the above happily or you are not allowed to use our contents. With visiting our websites and using our contents you acknowledge that our contents are intended only for entertainment purposes.

In other words, people who like to be harmful are not welcome here.


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