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About Zen Trade

This is a money making operation. Join us -- you are welcome!

A simple way to wealth? Yes, we do the Zen Trade. We try to enter the right trend with a simple method.

There are various versions of the Zen Trade, but betting on the right trend is the most convenient and straightforward one. It works for stocks, Forex, gold, Bitcoin, oil, and everything else that has a market and is tradeable. But, you'll have to find a true trend first...

Trend trading, swing trading, and breakout trading is essentially momentum trading, or momo trading. Trading tools and systems for the momo trader are found at:

Zen Trade also offers trading system ideas. Pieces of them could become part of your personalized system, or you could use this as a strange fun read that might also work as a source of inspiration.

Here are just a few of our trading systems. Some are well known, more are uncommon, and even more are strange, but nonetheless interesting.

Remember that the Zen system, which fits to our market information, works differently. The following is for the experimental trader:

All these systems, strange and normal ones, are sorted into this scheme of categories:

If you use our trading system ideas or our market info for your trading, please be aware of the associated trading risks and make sure you understand our terms of use.


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