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The ultimate trading system for penny stock alerts

Does trading penny stocks offer a way to wealth, or is it all scam? The astonishing answer is yes — to both questions! There is a long debate about the pros and cons of penny stock picking, but here is the short conclusion, a strangely simple trading system: Small cap stocks have often a huge […]  -- read more

The trend scalper

This site is about true or real trends. There are two types of chart formations that look like trends. Both are trends, but only for the chartist. Beyond that they are different. One has a reason, a driving force, and the other got just created by random market forces. If a trend has emerged just […]  -- read more

The Zen trader

Our standard method, the trend trading system, is all about trends. It even concentrates on the best of them. Trading like a Zen master is almost the opposite of trend riding. Essentially the Zen trader is going to bottom fish for the momentum stock. Sounds really like Zen… The fishing grounds are the small cap […]  -- read more

The art of trend trading

Trend trading is easy. Wrong. It looks only to be easy in hindsight. If done right, it can be very lucrative. You can also do it wrong and then it is the opposite. One basic element for all kinds of trend trading is the stop loss. The advanced trend trader tries to enter the steepest […]  -- read more

The secrets of trend trading

Is there a secret to trading or are there even many secrets? Or is there no secret at all? Naturally this is a difficult question. If the answer were known, the question wouldn’t deal with secrets. So, we have here a conundrum without a definitive answer. It is more a question with various viewpoints as […]  -- read more

Zen Trade – Riding the monster wave

One of Zen Trader’s main operations is trading of investments. Yes, we are investotraders. For that we have a blog dedicated to finding special market situations. It is called: Tools and Systems TT stands for Zen Trade or alternatively for trend trading. Trading system? Right, for trading you need a system, and we have quite […]  -- read more

How to build capital to trade

A trader may face a severe problem at the start of his career. There is capital necessary. Without capital the best trading systems, including ours, have just entertainment value. By the way, our trading systems are really entertaining. Just subscribe to our blog, and you will see what I mean. To overcome this modern hen […]  -- read more

From nothing to something and beyond

The path to your first million exists and astonishingly it is only at the beginning stony. Important is to have a system that works and someone leading you to the right way. Step 1: From less than nothing to nothing There are methods that work outrageously well and a few people bring in rich harvests […]  -- read more

Zen trading is Momo trading

While Zen trading sounds like riding a silent breeze, the faster the wind blows, the better the trades are. Zen trading is essentially momo trading! And the fusion is Zen trading. Why this strange combination? It is not strange! Zen trading means trading relaxed and momo trading means also being relaxed, after you entered successfully […]  -- read more

The trend from debt to wealth

Welcome to the Zen Trade project, which is a money making operation — for you and us! Zen Trade bears two meanings: It denotes the financial development of an individual — YOU — from debt to wealth. The Zen has here just the meaning of this trend being somewhat significant for you personally. Zen Trade […]  -- read more

Our standard trend trading systems

What can grow money better than investing directly into a rising price? Right, there is only one fast track – the trend! There are two ingredients for successful trend trading. Only this combination paves the way for the trend trader: A source of selected market chances. The right preselection drastically improves the outcome. Trading is […]  -- read more

Penny stock scams

The smaller the float of a stock is the lower the barriers to manipulate its price are. The penny stock markets are the Eldorado for pump and dump gamers. The small float allows even single scammers to play this game, but usually they operate concerted. Large cap stocks are also manipulated, namely by the big […]  -- read more

Trend trading signals for a robust system

Following trading signals is the easiest system to profit in the markets, provided you have a good source. Trend trading can lead to the most robust trading systems. Put both together and you arrive at trend signals. The best trading system is most likely based on trend trading. But how to get good trend signals? […]  -- read more

Zen trading penny stocks

Penny Stock Zen is the smartest of all trading systems for penny stocks. So, what is so smart about it? Nothing! …and that is exactly the Zen way of trading. Zen trading penny stocks means buy low and sell high. That sounds reasonable but also ridiculous. Let me explain. Buy low means buy when prices […]  -- read more

The Zen trader and penny stocks

Penny Stock Zen is the trading system for penny stocks from the Zen Trader. We also have our own stock picking letter. It comes as a blog, free to subscribe and to read. Generally these stocks picks are geared towards the trader. This means we highlight larger stocks or ETFs and you have to know […]  -- read more

Trading alerts for penny stocks

Welcome to this trading alert site that comes along with a new stock picking approach. Instead of trying to be too clever we trade the small cap markets statistically. Look at our basic trading system for penny stocks and decide yourself whether classic investing methods make more sense or not. Trading large stocks, where tons […]  -- read more

The Zen trader

Trading like a Zen master is almost the opposite of Penny Stock Alerts’s standard trading method. Read about the penny stock master system and meditate a bit about it. We are serious with this system! Essentially the Zen trader is going to bottom fish for the momentum stock. Sounds really like Zen… By doing his […]  -- read more

Stock picks for shorting?

Is it wise to pick stocks just to short them? There are quite some experts out there doing nothing but that. It is probably much easier to be right with betting on worsening business conditions. Many death candidates have been investment zombies for years. For shorting experts, sort of negative investors, often a glance into […]  -- read more

Penny stock picks

The Penny Stock Alerts site will try to shed some light on the theoretical side of picking stocks as a system for trend trading. We also have our own letter. It comes as a blog, free to subscribe and to read. Generally these stocks picks are geared towards the trader. This means we also highlight […]  -- read more

Stock picks

The simplest way of making money in the markets is to have a good source of stock picks. This may sound primitive, but it is true. There are two main reasons: Stocks are the only investments that have the potential to easily double or more and generate a gain of some hundred percent. Other trading […]  -- read more

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