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What is Zen trading?

In its simplest form the system looks like this:


Doing the basic Zen trade is betting on the right trend, but not necessarily at the right time. The right method? A tight stop! Of course, knowing the right time would be tremendously helpful, but that is also nearly impossible. Just accept it. To enter the right trend, typically multiple attempts are necessary. Also accept that. What if you are stopped out and the trend turns around or vanishes? It simply wasn't the right trend then. What if it restarts unexpectedly thereafter? This is the way the market works. Accept it and reenter.

Zen trading the trend in short:

  1. Find a situation with the odds in your favor
  2. Enter the trade with a tight stop
  3. Be prepared to be stopped out by pullbacks or an ending trend
  4. But wait for new strength and if the trend is still or again running
  5. Reenter

Seen from the Zen angle:

  • Happily enter or reenter.
    There just has to be some local strength. No technical formulas, indicators, chart formations. All these will only help to miss the chance. Psychology! If you want TA, do it right and use a completely mechanical system or at least a strict system.

  • Happily accept to be stopped out.
    That's the price for getting on a great trend. No stop means great trouble and not accepting them happily will make you miss the best chances.

Important is to find and select the right trend. We use the Tau System.

The Tau system for short-term traders of all markets. This is also the more elaborated system for getting safely on board of a long-term trend as described in the simple system above:

The Tau system for "investo-trading" the stock market:

The laws of probability will eventually get both of the above on a true trend that gives them all small losses back and much more.

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